In my search for knowing where to place the camera within a scene, I believe I’ve discovered its why that's more important. In my analytical approach to cinematic techniques, I’ve ended up with more states of feeling and intuitions that have been difficult to put into these words. I should have guessed that something as complex as emotion, though university understood, could not be explained or broken down into individual technical choices.
Despite this, the process of conducting this research and reflection has offered me great insights into my process and learning’s from other’s experiences in their search for similar answers. I hope my critical analysis may be useful for those, like myself, who are still refining their intuitions. The process of collaboration has taught me also the ultimate importance of story above all else, and the significance of clearly communicating ideas around point of view, with context to emotion.

Analyse, analyse and analyse, and then when you get on-set, be willing to throw it all away - Earle Dresner ACS
Moving forward - with my new-found trust for my intuition, and restrained dose of analytical thinking; I begin ‘proper’ pre-production for ‘Death Doula’, guided by our new definition of the cameras point of view, a delicate watchfulness. I’m sure I will continue to refine and reflect on these techniques and their use in developing coverage throughout my career, though I will aspire to provide more insight if asked about my process beyond ‘intuition’, even though it's likely the most accurate response.